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Against a sky without eagles


I have a tattoo of an golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) on my right arm. Always loved those birds: majestic and beautiful. No wonder so many cultures were and are  fascinated by it, as I am too.

Now I have two eagles nesting in the area where my house is and I love to watch them fly and hunt and call after each other. For a while I’ve heard the cry of their fledgling, but by now he must have left the perimeter. Observing them have become trully a spiritual experience for me.

Then I’ve heard about Jack Donovan’s new book “A sky without eagles” and I’m probably gonna buy it. But that’s not the point.

“A sky without eagles”…

What a sad sight that would be.

Something that the modern world actually wants: tameness on all levels. No wild eagles, but caged canary, slavishly singing for the masters.

The end of beauty, of majesty, of naturalness.

As far as I’m concerned, it all started with the much revered “Renaissance” (my ass!), which was nothing more than the rise of the merchants, leading, through revolutions, bloodshed and guillotines, to the rise of the proletarians. The lowest castes, the lowest of the low, where and are in charge. Some may invoke the art and shit of that era,  like the art and shit of later times, but the fact is that all of it was and is nothing. Plain copycats, lacking the soul of that which they tried and still try to copy. And anyway: on the top of a crap pile you can see the most beautiful flowers bloom. It changes nothing.

The lowest know no nobleness, no honour, no beauty. The lowest have no knowledge of virtue. All they can do is indulge in the lowest pleasures of materialistic and carnal kind. That’s why “sex sells”, by the way. What misserable lives they lead! Because they cannot rise to beauty, they stain everything with their filth.

And centuries have slowly passed…

Now we’ve degenerated from beings into mere existences. Our lives were reduced to “Das Kapital” by a social parasite and his disciples. Our souls perverted unrecongnisable. Our knowledge is ignorance. Our path is a dead end.

And oblivion slowly sets in…

We’ve forgotten who we once were. Sometimes we try to recreate some of it, in a pathetic attempt to save at least something of ourselves, but we almost always buy into their propaganda of illusions and lies. We cannot see the truth anymore. We do not have what it takes to understand what we have lost. How much we have lost. How beautiful it was that which we have lost.

That’s why so many go for “the Right”, without even realising that it’s actually “the Left” dressed in different clothes. Blind, deaf and dumb is what we’ve become. We don’t seem to understand that getting involved in this “Kali Yuga Circus”, no matter what dogma you write on your banner, is another step towards the abyss. There are no differences among those clowns and their parties. All of them are part of the same pile of crap. It is that simple. Where I come from there is a saying: “Same Mary with a different hat”. That’s what the circus is, folks.

“A sky without eagles”… A dreadful thought.

But what can be done about it, some might ask?

There’s a joke I’ve heard about such folks, ending in the phrase “That’s the problem with you: you always have to do something”.

Action comes right after contemplation. Rushing headlong into action may be the way of the samurai, but I doubt it is the right way. Contemplating too long is also a sign of an utter lack of the will to act. Maybe the balance of the two is the trully right way to do anything.

Understand who you really are and don’t lose yourself in dreaming about what you’d like to be. That is the first step. That is how one can be of true help to a cause. Know your capabilities. Know your place and your duty. Employ and fulfill them the best you can.

And remember that freedom isn’t about doing what you want, but about doing what you should.

The second step would be to find likeminded people, in true life, not in the virtual bullshit. Form a group, a tribe, a band, a gang. Get together and build something, or, as some put it, “start the world”.

This is the tricky part.

I posted something about the “Wolves of Vinland” a while ago and I know there are other groups like that around, but the more I think about it, the less I agree with them.

Social atomism and antisocial behaviour is what drives people like that to do what they do and that is the wrong way to do anything regarding our topic here.

Be a part of society, don’t run away from it. It is this big world you want to save, not your small insignificant one. It is a greater task and a nobler duty to be a small part of something great, than to be the big shot of something small and meaningless.

Do your part in the society, but never forget why you do it and that your work is done for something greater.

I by no means say you ought to become “one of them”, but it is stupid and useless to fight miles away from where the battle actually is. That’s not the way to change anything and you’ll win nothing at the end of such an “endeavour”. Be there where you’re needed and do your best. That’s the right way. All else is part of the “circus”.

And let it be said that it is not an honourable war for the minds and souls of the people that’s raging. It is a dishonourable one. Honour, righteousness and virtue are better left for those who deserve them. For the lowest there can be only scorn. Nothing else.

Be there, or be square!

And when I finally understood this, it all became clear. I thank the eagles flying above my house for this understanding. Beautiful and noble creatures that they are.

That’s why I am “Against a sky without eagles”.

You? Figure it out for yourself.


Enemy within my head

I was thinking about “being concerned” lately. Funny thing to think about, I know, but still…

Everybody’s concerned about something, nowadays: environment, terrorism, emancipation, world peace, pestilence, famine, slaughter, disease, death and … penis length. Each person is entitled to its own freedom of thought and concern, of course, but this is becoming ridiculous.

There comes a rock star, reminding us of starving kids in Africa, and we all go ape at big fuckin’ concerts, screaming our heads off and feeling better afterwards, ’cause we kinda pretended we kinda did something to make the world a better place. Bollocks!

Or maybe there’s movies to be seen, featuring well known politicians and prophets, about the end of the world as we know it, where we go, buy tickets, watch and aftewards think we learned something, from this old warmed up soup we were served in the theaters. Bollocks to that too!

Don’t forget to “Free Tibet”, man, ’cause this Dalai Lama dude is such a nice guy!

Oh, those muslims that wanna destroy the western civilization, destroy plasma TVs, iPods, 250 HP sport cars and all the shit that makes our life easier. Goddammit! We ought to bomb those sons of bitches!

When I was a kid, my grandmother used to say that if I don’t behave, the gypsies are gonna take me and I was scared shitless. But you know what? I grew up…

It was easier in the old days, I guess. There were barbarian hordes threatening our peace, or some foreign kingdom wanting a piece of ours, or the communists later on in the hystory. Now? Things are more “complicated”, since the alleged enemy isn’t that easy to point at. So we invent enemies.

Every modern political system needs enemies, so it can justify and sustain itself, in the eyes of the people it governs. Why is that? Because on itself, the system is emptied of anything sacred and superhuman. That’s why it cannot justify its own existence, except as the shepherd and the protector of the “scared fuckin’ rabbits”. And it uses fear, because a scared crowd is easier to manipulate.

Yes: a crowd. The lowest form of life there is.

And not only that: the masters of puppets give us things! A wicked method, but an effective one. The hystory taught them that violent enslaving isn’t productive enough.

We work, we get paid. We get paid, we buy stuff (mostly shit we don’t need). We own stuff (to be exact: the stuff we bought owns us!) and we don’t wanna lose that, so we cage ourselves willingly and everyone said to want a piece of what we own is the fuckin’ enemy. It’s really that simple.

See how people go on holidays and then mindlessly and dutifully return to the “cotton plantation”? Now that’s what I call a well done brainwash!

Not to forget those bad, bad, bad disease bringing germs and viruses, floating in the air, the genetically changed food we eat, the melting ice of the poles and stuff. And, if that’s not enough, we still have to worry about our noses being crooked, tits flat and cocks small.

It’s all about the fear, really. Fear is the ultimate monkey, fear is the key to keeping people docile, fear is what makes us do abominable things. He who invents and implements fear, controls the masses!

The point is: there are no enemies and there are no threats out there. We only gotta look in the mirror, in order to see the real enemy and the real threat! We enslave ourselves, we destroy ourselves!

The real enemy is within MY head! But this is old news, anyway…