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Dead while alive

An older piece, written back when I was young and the founding member of a motorcycle gang.

Dead while alive

I ride into nowhere.
Into truth?
Them birds have all died in my hair.
This is nobody’s path.
Except the engine’s roar there is no sound.
Fire wheels have overrun the serpent.
Many moons ago dead.
Beyond all bearing alive.
High on dreams and nightmares.
To hear, to see, to feel, to understand.
Right and wrong become complete.
To a thunder I grow.
The edge of the gap draws near.
The mist is thick.
The engine’s roar vivifies what’s left of me.

(by Walhaz)


Back to eternal

The words rolling from your lips
Are viscous like blood,
While tasting like honey.
Can’t recall the time spent hiding,
But centuries must be too short,
Moments too long.
And I just can’t envision
The map of your new world,
Lying in tatters.
Unbreakable is the silence
Of your monologue,
Without the clothes adequate
For such an occasion.
Therefore, I turn to the myths
Filling the pages of a book
Read somewhere down the road.
But that was way back,
When all was eternal.

(by Walhaz)

Against a sky without eagles


I have a tattoo of an golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) on my right arm. Always loved those birds: majestic and beautiful. No wonder so many cultures were and are  fascinated by it, as I am too.

Now I have two eagles nesting in the area where my house is and I love to watch them fly and hunt and call after each other. For a while I’ve heard the cry of their fledgling, but by now he must have left the perimeter. Observing them have become trully a spiritual experience for me.

Then I’ve heard about Jack Donovan’s new book “A sky without eagles” and I’m probably gonna buy it. But that’s not the point.

“A sky without eagles”…

What a sad sight that would be.

Something that the modern world actually wants: tameness on all levels. No wild eagles, but caged canary, slavishly singing for the masters.

The end of beauty, of majesty, of naturalness.

As far as I’m concerned, it all started with the much revered “Renaissance” (my ass!), which was nothing more than the rise of the merchants, leading, through revolutions, bloodshed and guillotines, to the rise of the proletarians. The lowest castes, the lowest of the low, where and are in charge. Some may invoke the art and shit of that era,  like the art and shit of later times, but the fact is that all of it was and is nothing. Plain copycats, lacking the soul of that which they tried and still try to copy. And anyway: on the top of a crap pile you can see the most beautiful flowers bloom. It changes nothing.

The lowest know no nobleness, no honour, no beauty. The lowest have no knowledge of virtue. All they can do is indulge in the lowest pleasures of materialistic and carnal kind. That’s why “sex sells”, by the way. What misserable lives they lead! Because they cannot rise to beauty, they stain everything with their filth.

And centuries have slowly passed…

Now we’ve degenerated from beings into mere existences. Our lives were reduced to “Das Kapital” by a social parasite and his disciples. Our souls perverted unrecongnisable. Our knowledge is ignorance. Our path is a dead end.

And oblivion slowly sets in…

We’ve forgotten who we once were. Sometimes we try to recreate some of it, in a pathetic attempt to save at least something of ourselves, but we almost always buy into their propaganda of illusions and lies. We cannot see the truth anymore. We do not have what it takes to understand what we have lost. How much we have lost. How beautiful it was that which we have lost.

That’s why so many go for “the Right”, without even realising that it’s actually “the Left” dressed in different clothes. Blind, deaf and dumb is what we’ve become. We don’t seem to understand that getting involved in this “Kali Yuga Circus”, no matter what dogma you write on your banner, is another step towards the abyss. There are no differences among those clowns and their parties. All of them are part of the same pile of crap. It is that simple. Where I come from there is a saying: “Same Mary with a different hat”. That’s what the circus is, folks.

“A sky without eagles”… A dreadful thought.

But what can be done about it, some might ask?

There’s a joke I’ve heard about such folks, ending in the phrase “That’s the problem with you: you always have to do something”.

Action comes right after contemplation. Rushing headlong into action may be the way of the samurai, but I doubt it is the right way. Contemplating too long is also a sign of an utter lack of the will to act. Maybe the balance of the two is the trully right way to do anything.

Understand who you really are and don’t lose yourself in dreaming about what you’d like to be. That is the first step. That is how one can be of true help to a cause. Know your capabilities. Know your place and your duty. Employ and fulfill them the best you can.

And remember that freedom isn’t about doing what you want, but about doing what you should.

The second step would be to find likeminded people, in true life, not in the virtual bullshit. Form a group, a tribe, a band, a gang. Get together and build something, or, as some put it, “start the world”.

This is the tricky part.

I posted something about the “Wolves of Vinland” a while ago and I know there are other groups like that around, but the more I think about it, the less I agree with them.

Social atomism and antisocial behaviour is what drives people like that to do what they do and that is the wrong way to do anything regarding our topic here.

Be a part of society, don’t run away from it. It is this big world you want to save, not your small insignificant one. It is a greater task and a nobler duty to be a small part of something great, than to be the big shot of something small and meaningless.

Do your part in the society, but never forget why you do it and that your work is done for something greater.

I by no means say you ought to become “one of them”, but it is stupid and useless to fight miles away from where the battle actually is. That’s not the way to change anything and you’ll win nothing at the end of such an “endeavour”. Be there where you’re needed and do your best. That’s the right way. All else is part of the “circus”.

And let it be said that it is not an honourable war for the minds and souls of the people that’s raging. It is a dishonourable one. Honour, righteousness and virtue are better left for those who deserve them. For the lowest there can be only scorn. Nothing else.

Be there, or be square!

And when I finally understood this, it all became clear. I thank the eagles flying above my house for this understanding. Beautiful and noble creatures that they are.

That’s why I am “Against a sky without eagles”.

You? Figure it out for yourself.

On Nordics

I used to ask myself, while younger, why do people seem to go mostly for that nordic/viking stuff (“celtic” too at times) and why do they reduce paganism/heathenism almost always to only that component(s).

Later I understood: nordic paganism (even the so-called “celtic”) is primitive and simplistic, being therefore easy to understand for those who really do some research and some reading. For the mob there are simplistically depicted vikings (or “celts” in some cases) in the media and that suffices apparently. No wonder in both cases.

In an era when the lowest of the low dominate, simplism is the rule and complexity scares. Plain fact.

Can you imagine the time needed to understand the well known ancient greco-roman world, in all its complexity? Or the brains needed for the same task? The mob has neither.

Not to mention, for example, the less known thracian (including the daco-getic branch), or slavic world and their complexity. That would bring all Nordics to despair.

So there you have it: simplicity has become paganism/heathenism. A sad situation. Not to forget the christian influence on understanding it.

Does that go to show an also well known fact, that the nordics are indeed primitive and simplistic people? I am convinced it is so, nevermind the hollers of indignation I received while saying this and may receive because of writing this.

Look at them, the nordics: they pushed forward the rise of the burgeoisie and that of the proletariat, destroying every piece of beauty there may have been, along with supporting the rise of atheism that simply happened in the process. Nice job indeed, fellas.

Apart from that they only tried to copy the southern european heritage, in arts, crafts and “intellectual” matters. Does this make them plain copycats? Of course it does.

Simplistic and primitive materialism is what defines the nordics and what pushed and pushes them forward, as it defined and moved the lowest castes in the ancient world. The beauty and the complexity of Old Europe is something that the nordics did not, can not and will never understand.

Which means that an evetual rebirth of Europe will come too from the south and from the east, where the spiritual component is prevalent in the everyday life, unlike the growing atheism of the what is called “western world”, which is actually a spiritual wasteland and probably always was.

And why the fuck do Nordics call their turf “the western world”, or “the free world” at times? Because, as every lowlife, they are arrogant.

There is no downfall of the West, because there never has been a rise of the West.

The West proclaimed that “God is dead”, didn’t it? What better point to make than that, to prove the destructiveness of the West? But we all know it is easier to destroy, than to create.

Returning to the beginning: what is there to be read, that’s genuinely nordic paganism? The Havamal, probably, and that’s about it. Wow! Really? Now look at the south and east, look at the Old Europe, and come again…

Not that I have anything against the Nordics, who are western and free at the same time, but I like the truth and don’t like illusions. So come what may, they remain primitive and simplistic people. That’s why they sanctified manual labour and generally physical work, that’s why they can never stop, why they can never stand still, why they never reflect, why they are atheists, why always in a pointless hurry, why always better than everybody else, why always omniscient, why ignorant, lurid, carnal, hypocritical, superficial, fake… etc ad nauseam.

If anyone can prove me wrong, he/she is welcome to do so.

The VIR principle

Living in the decandence of the modern world, in which everything is turned upside down, it is hard to find truth, it is hard to find beauty and it is even more hard to find meaning.

As a man, I find it disgusting to be living in this effeminate world modernity provides.

But how does one know what a man is? Just by simply looking at the ancients: they damn well knew.

On my journey on “the way of men”, I came across the latin concept of “VIR” and I found it accordant to my view on the topic.


1. man, male human;
2. grown man;
3. brave man, hero;
4. husband;
5. (in military contexts) footsoldier.

Some related terms having as a radical word this “VIR” I talk about:


1. (the age of) manhood;
2. virility;
3. manliness, masculinity.


1. manliness, manhood, virility;
2. courage, resoluteness;
3. virtue, goodness;
4. character;
5. excellence.

So what is “VIR” supposed to mean?

It means MAN. It means wisdom, priesthood and kingship.

VIR also stands at the foundation of concepts such as primordial heroic law and natural heroic rights. Just read Giambattista Vico and you’ll understand.

It is more than a term, more than a word: it is a principle. The principle of MAN.

This is why I find it to be the first step toward understanding what a man is, or should be.

On Julius Evola

Yes, I am a huge fan of Julius Evola, but surely not because of the same reasons why others are. All those nazis, fascists and other scumbags, redescovering Evola and his writings, make me sick. Simply because in his early years he thought things you may find agreeable does not mean he was what you think he was. Surely nobody would call Henry Ford a nazi, although he contributed with huge sum of money to Hitler’s business. Surely nobody would call Mahatma Gandhi a nazi, although he was a pen pal of Hitler. And so on…

But, hell: Evola was a nazifascist, although he never was one!

That goes to show how small minded modern people are: they consider their ignorance to be everything there is.

For those who still aren’t victims of the modern global stultification, there are his works that speak…

Evola-RAtMw   Men_Among_the_Ruins_Cover_

Ride_the_Tiger_Cover   Meditations_on_the_Peaks_Cover

The_Doctrine_of_Awakening_Cover   The_Yoga_of_Power_Cover

evola_mysteries_love_1   evola_julius_-_metaphysics_of_war

The-Path-of-Cinnabar-Evola-Julius-9781907166020  … and others…

On Perun/Перун

I was born on Perundan, which is a thursday, and according to tradition I wear as my first given name, because I am the first born son, my paternal grandfather’s name, which is Ilie (Iliya, Ilija, Elijah, etc. are variants of it).

Perun, the thunder god of the ancient pagan Slavs, a fructifier, purifier, and overseer of right and order. His actions are perceived by the senses: seen in the thunderbolt, heard in the rattle of stones, the bellow of the bull, or the bleat of the he-goat (thunder), and felt in the touch of an ax blade. The word for Thursday (Thor’s day) in the Polabian language was peründan. Polish piorun and Slovak parom denote “thunder” or “lightning.”

The lightning god and his cult among the Slavs is attested by the Byzantine historian Procopius in the 6th century. In The Russian Primary Chronicle, compiled c. 1113, Perun is mentioned as having been invoked in the treaties of 945 and 971, and his name is the first in the list of gods of St. Vladimir’s pantheon of 980. He was worshiped in oak groves by western Slavs, who called him Prone, which name appears in Helmold’s Chronica Slavorum (c. 1172). Porenut, Perun’s son, is mentioned by the Danish historian Saxo Gramaticus in the early 13th century.

In the Christian period the worship of Perun was gradually transferred to St. Elijah (Ilie, Ilija, Iliya, etc.), but in folk beliefs, his fructifying, life-stimulating, and purifying functions are still performed by his vehicles: the ax, the bull, the he-goat, the dove, and the cuckoo. Sacrifices and communal feasts on July 20 in honour of Perun or Iliya continued in orthodox christian countries until modern times.

Therefore, today I shall remember, revere and worship.

Cлава Перунy! Hail Perun!


(The weather forecast predicted a storm, by the way.)

On Zalmoxianism

Yes, I am primarily a follower of zalmoxianism, although I take my spirituality also from other sources, most of them slavic.

But what is zalmoxianism anyway?

Well, there are many writings lately, on this topic, and enough organizations to make one sick. Most of them forget the best studies concerning Zalmoxis, which are those of Mircea Eliade. And it is his path that I follow in understanding zalmoxianism, not those of cripto-nazis and wannabe occultists.

I suggest for those interested to start here:

…and we’ll see about getting forward at some other time…

On Dacia, dutch and deutsch

Dacia was the land of origin of the Dacians/Dutch/Deutsch.

Dacian Wars (101–102, 105–106) were two military campaigns fought between the Roman Empire and Dacia during the rule of the roman emperor Trajan.

Trajan marched on Dacia, conquered the Dacian capital and, to discourage future revolts, two legions were permanently posted in Dacia : XIII Gemina and V Macedonica.

Subsequently the massive wave of refuges moved toward north and north-west. Their name today survives in the modern names of the lands of Dutch and Deutsch-land.

The basis for this migration was the previous Dacian occupation of Slovakia in the era of Dacian king Burebista, whose campaigns outside Dacia have been dated 60–44 B.C.E., and were also noted through the location of Dacian cities on the lower Vistula river in Poland by Ptolemy and even as far as south and south-western Germany.

At length, with more info and evidence, here ->

On homeland

I heard some folks, over the years, mumbling that I left my homeland for a better life abroad. Others, on the other hand, mumbling that I came into their homeland for a better life. But we all know that most people are simple-minded and ignorant.

I didn’t even know I ever left my homeland… I still live on the western frontier of the Dacian Empire, as established by the dacian King Burebista, although some roman sources call him “Imperator Daciae”.

dacian empire 1

dacian empire 2

Thus, my homeland is here.