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“Those who have never been slaves shall save the world.”


The coming of the Third Sargon

The Prophecy of Sajaha

”Customs will no longer be enforced, but vice will be fashionable. Men will have sexual intercourse with boys and go unpunished; women will no longer want to be women, but will behave like men and go unpunished; people will mix themselves with animals and go unpunished and father bastards. And the bastards of bastards will be countless in the streets of the cities without anyone eradicating them.”


“All that is bad is considered good, all that is good is considered bad. People will not recognize no god anymore. Gluttony and fornication, treachery and deceit are called their gods. They will drink blood and wallow in slime. Naughty lies they call truth, and truth will not be in them. Except in the lonely just waiting longingly to the Third Sargon, which they have secretly ordained their courage. The spark of the new will spring from the trampled soil of Chaldea . He will rise up the sky and fly, carried by rushing clouds to the land of the north. From the tortured land will rise the liberator, the Avenger: The Third Sargon! And North and South will rise by then, the lonely righteous will be enormous and hastily kindle the fire to carry forward, which burns all evil everywhere, yes everywhere.“


“The Third Sargon will come in later times. He will destroy the servants of darkness with all her seed, he will uproot the evil by the roots. He will show no mercy, will not spare one of the enemies of light; he will have no mercy with those who remained passive. He will not tolerate the ones who do not recognize the whole. He will push down the lower species, he kills all the sick souls. Among the worshipers of the evil spirit is no trace left on the ground. The third Sargon will be terrible against everything that is a hindrance to the development of pure light. He will purify the world, will kill seven out of ten people and obliterate everything that is wrong and everything that bears the marks of the false. He will be cruel to the darkness. The bodies of the slain, he will pile up to high pyramids, to burn them. Everything ignoble must fall. The eternal order, which will have been lost, will be restored by himself, sent by the deity.”


“The earthly world will then be bad. But in the time span of the third part of a year, the emissary will have done his work. He will come from the north; he will come unexpectedly upon in poison living earthly world; he will shake all at once – and his power will be invincible. He will not ask anybody. He will know everything. A band of upright will be around him. Sargon will give them the third light, and they will illuminate the world. And the righteous will wade in the blood of slaughtered unjust. Until the work is done, the fires of destruction will burn from one to the other end of the earth. The truth alone will remain.”

…of yore

“At the end of Kali Yuga, when there exist no topics on the subject of God, even at the residences of so-called saints and respectable gentlemen, and when the power of government is transferred to the hands of ministers elected from the evil men, and when nothing is known of the techniques of sacrifice, even by word, at that time the Lord will appear as the supreme chastiser.” – Bhagavata Purana, 2.7.38

“When the practices taught in the Vedas and institutes of law have nearly ceased, and the close of the Kali age shall be nigh, a portion of that divine being who exists of His own spiritual nature, and who is the beginning and end, and who comprehends all things, shall descend upon earth. He will be born in the family of Vishnuyasha, an eminent brahmana of Shambhala village, as Kalki, endowed with eight superhuman faculties, when the eight suns will together shine over the sky. By His irresistible might he will destroy all the mlecchas (foreigners) and thieves, and all whose minds are devoted to iniquity. He will re-establish righteousness upon earth, and the minds of those who live at the end of the Kali age shall be awakened, and shall be as clear as crystal. The men who are thus changed by virtue of that peculiar time shall be as the seeds of human beings, and shall give birth to a race who will follow the laws of the Krita age or Satya Yuga, the age of purity.” – Vishnu Purana, Book Four, Chapter 24