The VIR principle

Living in the decandence of the modern world, in which everything is turned upside down, it is hard to find truth, it is hard to find beauty and it is even more hard to find meaning.

As a man, I find it disgusting to be living in this effeminate world modernity provides.

But how does one know what a man is? Just by simply looking at the ancients: they damn well knew.

On my journey on “the way of men”, I came across the latin concept of “VIR” and I found it accordant to my view on the topic.


1. man, male human;
2. grown man;
3. brave man, hero;
4. husband;
5. (in military contexts) footsoldier.

Some related terms having as a radical word this “VIR” I talk about:


1. (the age of) manhood;
2. virility;
3. manliness, masculinity.


1. manliness, manhood, virility;
2. courage, resoluteness;
3. virtue, goodness;
4. character;
5. excellence.

So what is “VIR” supposed to mean?

It means MAN. It means wisdom, priesthood and kingship.

VIR also stands at the foundation of concepts such as primordial heroic law and natural heroic rights. Just read Giambattista Vico and you’ll understand.

It is more than a term, more than a word: it is a principle. The principle of MAN.

This is why I find it to be the first step toward understanding what a man is, or should be.


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