On Julius Evola

Yes, I am a huge fan of Julius Evola, but surely not because of the same reasons why others are. All those nazis, fascists and other scumbags, redescovering Evola and his writings, make me sick. Simply because in his early years he thought things you may find agreeable does not mean he was what you think he was. Surely nobody would call Henry Ford a nazi, although he contributed with huge sum of money to Hitler’s business. Surely nobody would call Mahatma Gandhi a nazi, although he was a pen pal of Hitler. And so on…

But, hell: Evola was a nazifascist, although he never was one!

That goes to show how small minded modern people are: they consider their ignorance to be everything there is.

For those who still aren’t victims of the modern global stultification, there are his works that speak…

Evola-RAtMw   Men_Among_the_Ruins_Cover_

Ride_the_Tiger_Cover   Meditations_on_the_Peaks_Cover

The_Doctrine_of_Awakening_Cover   The_Yoga_of_Power_Cover

evola_mysteries_love_1   evola_julius_-_metaphysics_of_war

The-Path-of-Cinnabar-Evola-Julius-9781907166020  … and others…


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