Majority rules!

I heard something on the radio this morning, while driving, which infuriated me…

Majority rules… A mighty fine concept, ain’t it?


What makes it so?

What makes majority capable of anything?

Sheer numbers?

It really doesn’t matter which group you join (left, right… in between), because you’ll find everywhere a majority violently opposed to anything “disturbing their circles”, to anything different, to any other way of looking at things, but their own ignorant way.

And of course those majorities are afraid, when ALL that ever meant value was the work of individuals, not the masses.

So why should the majority rule?

The modern history’s systems needed and need the stupid majority, the submediocre masses, to sustain themselves, the only capability of the mentioned systems being that of manipulating the mentioned masses, which isn’t that hard to do. Give them illusions of importance and those imbeciles will march headlong into every direction they’re pointed towards. Give them the illusion that everybody is a big shot and everything is a big deal and they’ll be satisfied. Give them illusions of freedom and a comfortable life, where you must not think too much or too hard, and you got them on the hook. And then give them supposed enemies to this state of affairs and they’ll rend them apart, in the wink of an eye. Well, nobody wants you to think anyway…

So, we should assume that this mindless pack is capable of understanding political ideologies, in order to vote and work for the best of us all? How laughable is that? Most of the rabble can’t even read and write properly, not to mention their intelligence quotient level.

If the tyranny of the few is bad, that don’t make the tyranny of the masses better (’cause that’s what the modern system as we know it really is: tyranny of the masses). No option favors individuality.

It’s clear to anybody, with an IQ bigger than their shoe size, why no political system in the modern history favored individuality: individuality is deranging and dangerous!

Oh, so you consider yourself to be an individual, ‘cause you protest and go on the streets, and support the liberties of gay pigeons, and fight for the freedom of suppressed tomatoes, and all that stuff? Or because you believe age old stupidities about class warfare or about Aryan supremacy (or whatever), and think you’re packing the world by the balls? Well done, moron. That only goes to show what a docile sheep you really are. You go with the crowd. You are a part of the crowd. You have no fuckin’ idea what individuality means, sucker! And fuck your stupid morals, and ethics, and dogmas too when we’re at it. You can’t be free if you are guided in life by such bullshit. You’re not sophisticated, honey! You’re dumb!

Freedom, my retarded chum, is something that cannot be legislated, or subjugated by and through man-made laws and rules. So stop shouting about freedom and rights and shit, ‘cause I hate the noise you produce and I might just turn around and punch you in your stupid face. Why? Because I can and because you shouting makes me deaf, and because I love my freedom of hearing what I want to hear and not the idiocies you shout.
And because your freedom got too close to mine and I don’t like that. So, back off, motherfucker!

How about meritocracy, when we’re at it? A system in which the talented are chosen and moved ahead on the basis of their achievement. How about that? That would be fair and equitable!

Judging by the way thing were and still are, it couldn’t be any worse, if we implemented meritocracy. Well, maybe for you it can be worse, but I don’t like you and I don’t care about you, or about what you want, or about your miserable little life.

I bet you don’t want that, because deep inside of you there is nothing of value, and you know that, even if only unconsciously, instinctively.

I’m sure you don’t want something like meritocracy to occur, but if that’s so and this system is the only one that supports your survival, you unfit worthless scum, than live with it, ‘cause you are not intelligent enough to even understand it, much less change it.

So, fuck the left-wingers, fuck the right-wingers, fucks those in between and fuck you too! Alright?


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